• Community Engagement and Outreach Programs
    PMA provides community engagement and outreach services designed to produce favorable outcomes for our clients by influencing key constituents and community members. We have found that a one-size fits all approach is not the best method for community engagement. PMA works closely with clients to understand critical project challenges, unique neighborhood dynamics and the political landscape to develop an effective and inclusive outreach strategy designed to both inform and engage the community. Creating a reliable FAQs is often the first step in our community engagement consulting services.

  • Real Estate Development Entitlement Consulting
    PMA takes its best practices and principles from community engagement and outreach services and applies them to developer projects when called upon. We have consulted on several controversial and challenging projects in established neighborhoods. This is where we use our people and communications skills to understand adversarial points of view, establish common ground and move people from neutral to favorable positions on proposed developments. We have canvassed neighborhoods and conducted surveys as part of the engagement process. We present the facts in the most favorable light with a goal of achieving a smooth approval process and project completion.

  • Communications Strategies and Tactical Support
    PMA begins each assignment by developing key messaging and a communications plan based on client initiatives and goals. We have helped clients with recruitment, expanding into new markets, build stronger brands, win awards and recognition, win project approvals, and more. The tactical components most often used to achieve desired results include publicity, media buying, design services, advertising, website development, social media monitoring and content development, and related communications tools. We frequently tap into our vast network of people resources and professional associations to gain insights on certain issues or simply to ask a favor that may help a client.

  • Career Development, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion - Programs and Services
    While the principals of Pipkin Marsh Advisors love the work we do for clients with their communications and community outreach requirements, we are flat out passionate about bringing this new service to the marketplace and specifically, the commercial real estate industry. As our careers have evolved, we have been blessed to shift from being mentees at the companies and businesses we have served, to becoming mentors to many young people just starting their careers in commercial real estate and architecture. Along the way, we noticed the obvious, and especially in this tech-obsessed era in which we now live: young people are not embracing careers in commercial real estate, and the ones that do are mostly white. We want to help change that by becoming a bridge and resource to super regional and national firms, REITs and real estate associations.

    We offer customized programs and consulting services to build a reliable pipeline of talent development and a workforce of tomorrow that reflects America today, and for that workforce to be comprised of multi-cultural and ethnic diversity that embraces people from all walks of life.

    We recognize that many companies and organizations have diversity and inclusionary goals, initiatives and programs in place. While our offering includes the creation and development of new programs to achieve these goals, PMA principles welcome requests for services to assist with existing programs that simply need additional resources to help them succeed. We offer our deep familiarity with the commercial real estate industry, strong reputation in communications services, accomplished careers in the industry and passion for people to help make career development programs robust, diverse and inclusive.

The Details

To be effective at these four primary service offerings, Pipkin Marsh Advisors includes the following professional services:

  • Media Relations and Public Relations
  • Networking Services
  • Social Media Monitoring and Content Development
  • Design Services
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Media Buying
  • Advertising
  • Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance
  • Contract Compliance Consulting
  • Proposal Writing